The switch statement is wondrous and

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The switch statement is wondrous and


Goethean Science Steiner and Natural Science. One of the most prominent physicists of Steiner's era, Max von Laue, who received the Nobel Prize for physics inwrote a scathing critique in of Steiner's misunderstandings of science and particularly of physics.

Collingwood, Vic, Australia, Waldorf Schools in the Third Reich by Peter Staudenmaier In some ways the particulars of anthroposophical doctrines on nation and race stood in the way of a closer convergence with elements of National Socialism rather than facilitating it.

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This was nonetheless the shared intellectual territory on which the controversy over Waldorf schools was carried out. To the extent that this complex interplay of ideas resulted in conflict rather than congruence between Waldorf education and its Nazi counterparts, it is tempting to reduce the conflict to a basic ideological incompatibility.

In an important sense, however, it was the similarities between anthroposophical and National Socialist views of the world which led to their opposition, not the differences. Waldorf versions of the national community constituted a mirror image of Nazi ideals, one which Nazism itself could not abide.

This volume, like the previous one, is published by the Frankfurt-based anthroposophist publisher Info3, another small step in the increasing movement toward greater historical openness — albeit haphazard, hesitant and vacillating — on the part of some German anthroposophists. Over an extraordinary few months, parents and staff left the school in droves.

The school has no clear record of numbers. It was a huge hit for the roll, which is now Perkins spent more than five years working at Te Ra and sent her children there.

Quotations About Waldorf and Anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner and Others

Info3, - Ansgar Martins has written a perceptive and provocative book about a topic many prefer to avoid: It is a sober and discerning account, by far the best to appear from an anthroposophist publisher, and a noteworthy contribution to the historical literature on Steiner and his movement.

Karutz by Peter Staudenmaier: How Steiner's racial teachings were carried on in Germany before and during the Nazi era. Racial traits, according to Karutz, are both 'physiological features' and 'spiritual facts'; light skin indicates spiritual development and dark skin indicates spiritual debility.

Karutz explained that in the ongoing process of racial evolution, the 'lower races' are destined to die out, because 'the so-called natural peoples or primitive peoples that survive today are merely the debased remnants of earlier stages. February 16, Anthroposophist Spiritual Racism: Uehli by Peter Staudenmaier.

How Steiner's racial teachings were carried on in Germany and in the Waldorf curriculum. The leading protagonist in this unfolding racial drama is the 'Aryan race,' whose members were carefully selected by their cosmically appointed guide. A sharp contrast between racial groups with exceptional biological and spiritual traits, like the specially advanced Aryans, and the large mass of people who do not share these superior traits, runs throughout the text.

This fundamental contrast is coupled with the distinction between racial and ethnic groups that 'lead' and those that 'follow' and the divergence between 'more advanced' groups and those that have failed to evolve.

March 8, Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction " Rudolf Steiner in the yearhas assuredly had no dealings of any kind with Freemasonic, Jewish, or pacifist groups, nor even any casual contact with them in any way.

However, an equally interesting and quite new cultural phenomenon, at least in Britain, is the increasing challenge being mounted to what some see as an overbearingly stifling "political correctness" on questions of race.

From the rebuttal by Peter Staudenmaier: Scholars have studied racism for a very long time, since decades before the notion of 'political correctness' was invented.

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Whether or not Steiner's various statements about race are 'politically correct' has nothing whatsoever to do with whether those statements are racist. Like other anthroposophists, House appears entirely unaware of the extremely large body of scholarship examining racism in its multifarious forms.

December 16, Steiner Waldorf Schools Part 3.

The switch statement is wondrous and

The problem of racism Comments Illusion of Coexistence: The Waldorf Schools in the Third Reich, —, by Karen Priestman, Wilfrid Laurier University, - Waldorf school teachers and administrators as well as most parents failed to grasp the true ideological and political nature of National Socialism.

In their attempt to cooperate with the regime's Gleichschaltung policies they were misled by its ideas of national renewal and Volksgemeinschaft, and its polycratic character of administration - and, thus, fell victim to the illusion of coexistence in a nazified 'new Germany.

It informed and determined all the choices the school leadership made in the Third Reich. Thus, while their level of cooperation increased over time as more extensive demands were made of them, this cannot be equated with collaboration.Buy Electric Remote Controlled Drapery System W/8' Track Center Opening & Ceiling Mount Brackets CLA by Curtain Call: Draperies & Curtains - .

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About the Author Lillian Daniel is the senior minister of the First Congregational Church, UCC, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

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She is the author, with Martin Copenhaver, of This Odd and Wondrous Calling: the Public and Private Lives of Two Ministers. The Biblical Record. In the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious/cultural tradition, spanning several millennia and the vast majority of the western world, there is only one acknowledged personal name for God.

The switch statement is wondrous and magic. It's a piece of the language that allows you to select between different options for a value, and run different pieces of code depending on which value is set.

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