Scotch whisky research institute

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Scotch whisky research institute

Deposit money into your account. Buy whisky with your money. Wait Your whisky matures in the cask, improving with age.

Scotch whisky research institute

Find out more below. Open an account today Historical performance Although there are no guarantees, you should expect to profit by selling maturing whisky into normal blending demand, though prices can be volatile.

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The cash price for 8-year old Scotch whisky bought new, and sold each year of the decade shows average historical returns of This number is net of our trading commission. However you would have paid storage fees of 15p per Litre of Pure Alcohol LPA per year, bringing the return down to This compares very favourably to deposit rates, but it does involve some risk.

Adjusting for inflation your 'real' historical return would have been 8.

Scotch whisky research institute

Each of these figures was for an equal holding of typical malt and grain whiskies. Mixed together before bottling they make blended Scotch. The data shown are net of trading commission, storage costs and evaporation.

The cost of wood is not included. Of course, we cannot guarantee you will make money. Naturally there are risks.

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But there are many sensible reasons for investing in whisky maturation. Why hasn't it been possible before?

Previously there have been two big problems which prevent private investors from participating in whisky maturation: These combine to make prices of barrel whisky very much higher for smaller deals. To help you we must first help the Scotch industry The industry has two big problems: We help producers out of these difficulties by inviting them to produce more whisky, and we commit large sums of our money to buying it young.

Producers know the quality of their output will be maintained, because they continue to look after it themselves during maturation.

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Producers are pleased to generate revenue from storing whisky which they produced but do not own. It helps to offset the cost of storing their own stocks. Producers become confident to invest more in brand development, knowing that through WhiskyInvestDirect additional stocks will later be available at a fair and competitive price - if their brand development goes well.

Because we help them, the distillers sell through us, to you, at wholesale prices - which are much cheaper than typical barrel purchase programmes. Easy access to our online exchange WhiskyInvestDirect aggregates the whisky stockholding demand of a crowd of private investors to become a major stockholding operator in the whisky market.

We deploy substantial funds to buy young whisky on our own account direct from the distillers, and we arrange for its storage in bonded warehouses. See the whiskies you can buy on WhiskyInvestDirect. You open and fund your WhiskyInvestDirect account.

You log in to the system and buy your whisky from us, or from other users if they offer it cheaper. Either way you will be paying exceptional prices. Through helping the industry we can help you You want to be a whisky wholesaler - acting for profit.

You understand that whisky maturation usually offers you a sensible return, which you believe has a good chance of being materially better than returns you get from a deposit in a bank.Die Einschreibung an der Universität Regensburg läuft.

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Well-known brands. After graduating in chemistry from the University of Edinburgh, Rachel went on to build a stellar career, working initially as a scientist at the Scotch Whisky Research. The Scotch Whisky Research Institute (SWRI) is a registered company in Scotland which serves the needs of distillery companies in Scotland and also worldwide.

It is situated in the Robertson Trust building of Heriot Watt University’s north research avenue campus at Riccorton, Edinburgh. The Scotch Whisky Research Institute Member Company Extranet Enter your username and password below and click Sign In.

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