Food inc analysis essay

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Food inc analysis essay

Final Reflection Food, Inc. However, how often do you think about where the burger really came from, or the process that went into getting it into your hands? The documentary is a series of investigations behind the scenes of many different food corporations and other major manufacturing conglomerates.

The makers of Food, Inc. The first element of the rhetorical structure and possibly the strongest in this documentary is pathos.


Pathos refers to the emotion exhibited throughout the documentary. Miserable images of cows being slaughtered with dark music in the background, pictures of industrial factories with no sun and unhappy workers, and even a depressing and eye-opening home video of a young boy who was killed by the disease as a result of bad food were all portrayed throughout Food, Inc.

Barbara Kowalcyk, mother of the late Kevin, is an advocate for establishing food standards with companies throughout the nation. Obviously very devastated and still heartbroken over her loss, Kowalcyk fought through tears telling her story. This powerful use of pathos helped portray to all viewers that there is a serious problem in the food industry.

Ethos is the next element of the rhetorical structure used in this documentary. Ethos is an appeal to credibility. There are also many elements of ethos displayed throughout Food, Inc.

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These components of ethos strengthen the makers of this documentary claim on the food industry. Morison granted Food, Inc.

Morison certainly serves as a credible source of information since her everyday life involves chicken farming and interactions with these large companies.

Food inc analysis essay

This use of ethos helped improve the credibility of this documentary to viewers. Logos is the last element of the rhetorical structure. Logos is an appeal to logic. There are multiple examples of logos displayed through the film in the form of statistics, graphs, and facts.

Some strong elements of logos that are highlighted in Food, Inc. Scholossers insightful statistics provide reliable data and strengthen Logos.

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Major companies such as Tyson, Perdue, and McDonalds all declined to interview for this film. By doing this, the viewer automatically forms a negative opinion and assumes that Food Inc.

Also, this film uses an overwhelming use of pathos. However, the film abused the element of pathos by showing the home video of Kevin happily playing with family and some of his last moments before his death.

This is a very one-sided documentary that does a great job of persuading the viewer to change or strengthen its opinion on the food industry. Many examples and illustrations of these elements were portrayed throughout.

Overall, this is a respectable documentary worth watching to anyone wishing to uncover the side of the food industry that is not seen by the public. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.The main focus of this book is on the causation of starvation in general and of famines in particular.

The author develops the alternative method of analysis--the 'entitlement approach'--concentrating on ownership and exchange, not on food supply. May 27,  · TOW #28 - Documentary Rhetorical Analysis of Food, Inc: Pt.

1 For my documentary TOW posts, I have decided to analyze Food, Inc. This documentary aims to expose the majorly unknown and inhumane policies that are widely practiced by America’s food industry.

Essay on Analysis of the Documentary Food Inc by Karl Weber - Food Inc Paper This essay will be about the book called Food Inc written by Karl Weber.

The topics of this is essay will be based on obesity, pesticides, and animal farming. Jun 12,  · “Food, Inc.” is an activist documentary about the big business of feeding Americans all the junk that multinational corporate money can buy.

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