An analysis of merlins life in the crystal cave a novel by mary stewart

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An analysis of merlins life in the crystal cave a novel by mary stewart

It is not my own memory, but later you will understand how I know these things. You would call it not memory so much as a dream of the past, something in the blood, something recalled from him, it may be, while he still bore me in his body. I believe that such things can be. So it seems to me right that I should start with him who was before me, and who will be again when I am gone.

An analysis of merlins life in the crystal cave a novel by mary stewart

This book was exceptional! I was admitted 5 enthusiastic stars! I was admittedly quite surprised at just how much I enjoyed reading this. By no means an expert in Arthurian legend, far from it in fact, I wondered if this book would really hold my attention or not.

Well, it most certainly did! Do I dare say I was enchanted?!

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The Crystal Cave is a wonderful blend of history and mythology. Recounted through the voice of Merlin himself, this first book in Mary Stewart's Arthurian saga takes us through his young boyhood as a bastard child living under the roof of his grandfather, a crowned king of Wales, right into his adulthood and ending with the conception of King Arthur.

My preconceived notion of Merlin, based on my scant knowledge, was of an eccentric and perhaps shifty and ruthless wizard. Stewart, however, introduces us to a very human, intelligent, and compassionate individual who is born with the gift of prophecy.


He is a friend to his servants, an avid learner, a loving son, and a very capable young man. He first begins to truly understand his gift under the guidance of Galapas, an old and wise man that Merlin meets after discovering the Crystal Cave.

Educated in the fields of magic, medicine, languages, religion, math and engineering, Merlin is quite versatile thanks to the teachings of mentors such as Galapas and others. Most importantly perhaps are the words instilled within him from the mouth of Galapas himself: And that takes courage.

Always keeping an open mind, Merlin is able to absorb the best of these and remain true to himself and his calling. I told you that truth was the shadow of God. If I am to use it, I must know who He is.

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Here he becomes involved in a grand plot to unite Britain and rid the people of the treachery and turmoil of the current leader, King Vortigern. Merlin must use all his power- and not simply magic, but his intellect, clear judgment and cunning to not only save himself but to pave the way for the great king yet to come.

There ensued a fabulous dose of adventure and plenty of suspense which kept the pages turning. I was thoroughly riveted! The pacing of this novel was superb; I never became bored and never once got bogged down in any of the historical details.

Each character was so expertly depicted and the writing is so wonderfully vivid and descriptive that one could feel transported back to this very place and time. I really became attached to not only Merlin, but some of the more minor characters as well. The banter between Merlin and some of his companions was often witty and added an appreciated lightheartedness to the narrative from time to time.

Undoubtedly, Mary Stewart is a master storyteller. She weaves together the threads of history and mythology in such exquisite fashion that this book should interest a broad range of readers.

I am puzzling over why this book is not more widely read. It never felt dated; rather, it seems timeless. You do not need to be a fantasy buff by any means to read this book.

If you enjoy a great historical piece with well-developed characters, effortless pacing, and vivid descriptions then this book is for you. I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

As for me, this book is going on my favorites shelf while its sequel, The Hollow Hills, should be arriving at my doorstep any day now. I think there is only one. Oh, there are gods everywhere, in the hollow hills, in the wind and the sea, in the very grass we walk on and the air we breathe, and in the bloodstained shadows where men like Belasius wait for them.

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An analysis of merlins life in the crystal cave a novel by mary stewart

The Crystal Cave by. Mary Stewart. MonkeyNotes Study Guide by Diane Clapsaddle.

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